outside lands music festival day 1 | San Francisco, CA | 2017


Hello!  I'm Chris -- it is so nice to meet you and I'm glad you stumbled onto my page.   

I will be graduating from Stanford University in June of 2019 with my B.S. and M.S. degree in Computer Science as well as a minor in Management Science and Engineering.  Both of my degrees concentrate in Artificial Intelligence.

I am originally from SoCal suburbia yet currently enjoy the energy and vitality of the bustling Bay Area.  I am very passionate about the intersection of computer science and societal amelioration -- mainly including, but not limited to:  health and bioinformatics specifically in relation to neurodegenerative and immune diseases, reformation of public education systems and lastly, the integration of visual and performing arts into education and society as a whole.  

I hope you enjoy your time on my site and I urge you to stay connected with me.   I will be sure to keep you updated with my projects, coursework, and developing passions as I progress through my time here at Stanford University.

Stay well.