"darkness exists to make light truly count."

Dance has been such a fundamental part of my life.  I have been a competitive dancer for over a decade - training in classical ballet, contemporary, jazz and hip-hop. Training everyday for 4-6hrs taught me the importance of time management and balance, team dynamics and support systems, and the value of a strong work ethic. Dance has not only been a great source of physical activity as maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important to me but it also provided me with an emotional outlet -- something that holds an invaluable place in my life.  As I continue to deepen my passion for and commitment to the performing arts, I hope you can take some time to explore this part of me and to understand why I devoted so many years of my life to this truly incredible sport. 

After my time as a competitive dancer, I began venturing into the world of creative direction and choreography.  I found new passion for being able to imagine particular visuals in my mind and then to fully execute them - seeing my ideas come to life.  I have found it to be incredibly fulfilling for me when I see my pieces competing and not only winning but also receiving awards for choreography and concept.  This is something I am currently exploring and I hope you thoroughly enjoy what I have created so far!