Interactive Sliding Data Visualizer.

This was definitely one of my favorite projects I have worked on in a long time.  Starting from scratch with such a full-scale project really sharpened my skills as an engineer - as we had to tackle challenges in the software, mechanical and electrical intricacies, as well as the overall aesthetics of the project.  Our final project made its debut at a special gathering in the Packard Electrical Engineering building on Stanford's campus before it made its way to the Exploratorium in San Francisco with intention of being used for youth education.

I would highly encourage you to check out our instructable here to get a detailed look into every aspect of our product - including a comprehensive list of materials and procedures.  Hope you enjoy it! 

This particular data set being pictured here is an M.R.I. scan of the human body.  

Part of the way we implemented the code requires the user to initialize the full length of the track by sliding the monitor from one end to the other.  This action actually scales the rate at which you can glide through the cross-sectional images given the length of the table.