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 310.897.8001   |   |   531 Lasuen Mall, Stanford, CA 94309 |



Stanford University | Class of 2018                              

M.S./B.S. Candidate | Computer Science (Conc. in Artificial Intelligence)

Minor Candidate | Management Science and Engineering



VR Programmer, Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Stanford, CA | Sept 2017 - June 2018.

One of ten undergraduates accepted to VHIL for the upcoming academic year. Program provides exposure to and experience with developing VR technologies. Projects have a CS/VR+Social Good emphasis embedded in work. Python.

Machine Learning Platform Intern, Uber Technologies, Inc., San Francisco, CA | June 2017 - Sept 2017.

Worked primarily on the backend for the Michelangelo ML platform — the internal tool used widely across Uber systems for all prediction and deep learning tasks.  Supports classification, regression, neural networks, etc. Worked with docker, wrote Debian packages, built command line tools for DL training and FS monitoring for local/remote syncing. Python.  

Women 4 Women (iOS Application), Stanford, CA | Mar 2017 - June 2017.

Built in response to growing online-dating danger for women. Allows women who are entering public, social spaces to broadcast their location to other women in their vicinity. This provides a discrete support system that users leverage in times of distress or uncertainty. Saw through entire development cycle (initial idea, beta product, user testing, further refinement, etc.) Featured at software fair and won Apple’s “Best iOS Application” and awarded by Google. Swift, Github.

TEALS Volunteer Teaching Assistant, Microsoft Philanthropies, Woodside, CA | April 2017 - Present.

TEALS mission is to provide access to computer science fundamentals to every high school across America. Member of six person teaching team developing course curriculum, instructing and inspiring students, assist with grading , lecturing, etc.

Lending Club Loan Portfolio Optimization, Stanford, CA | Sept 2016 - Dec 2016.

Lending Club is a peer-to-peer lending platform, matching borrowers and lenders where third parties can invest. Our project utilizes A.I. techniques to try to construct the optimal portfolio of Lending Club loans for investment. Github.

Software Engineer Intern, The Honest Company, Playa Vista, CA | June 2016 - August 2016

Full-stack.  Improved user acquisition, retention, and engagement rates resulting in lowered churn rates.  Spearheaded the development of a new A/B testing infrastructure — capable of testing emails, UX/UI flows, time of engagement with the user, etc.  Worked closely with team of 8 on new subscriber-evangelist program.  Streamlined basic user experiences; bug fixes; integrated Google APIs.  Primarily worked with Ruby on Rails, Javascript.  Reference available. 



Programming: Proficient with C; Comfortable with C++, Java, Python; Familiar with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, MATLAB

Recursion/backtracking, binary trees/BST, graphs, hashing, exhaustive search (BFS, DFS, Dijkstra, A*, Kruskals), pointers and linked lists, dynamic memory allocation, runtime efficiency.

Activities: Nationally Recognized Competitive Dancer (Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip-Hop), West Coast Dance Company National Tour, Selected to train with Joffrey Ballet Company (NYC), Stanford LGBT Business Alliance, BASES (Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students), Stanford CS + Social Good, Stanford TreeHacks, Stanford MINT Magazine Creative Director (2014-2016)

Other: Fluent in Spanish; Creative assistant and dancer in SnapCash commercial; Global volunteerism (relief work, home construction, support to orphanages) focused in slums outside of Bangkok, Thailand; Beijing, China; Ensenada, Mexico.